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New single from Mirrors


released June 18, 2012

James New, Josef Page



all rights reserved


Mirrors UK

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Track Name: Hourglass
I still remember the day we left
You said the same we said we'd never forget
But times a funny thing, the pouring sands
I keep on clinging but it slips right through my hands

Well I'm still here you know, if just a ghost
Haunting our memories from pillar to post
But times a funny thing, the hourglass
I keep on clinging but this time was meant to pass

And I don't know how it's come to this
Would you wanna come home?
And I can't believe the things I've missed
I'm not sure that I can let you go

I still remember the moments passed
The little things we had were never enough
Against the clock, we begin
We're getting older I can feel the noose tightening
Track Name: Between Four Walls
Do you ever wonder how
you'll ever get there when you never turn back around?
If you could see, see me now
would you call out? Would you call on out?
Between four walls, can you hear the sound?
If I ever was lost then I never was lost til now
Can you see me from this height? Up in the clouds
But I fall, I fall down

Though my heart bleeds
Though my heart bleeds for you
Though my heart bleeds
I will live for love

Do you ever wonder how
you've ever felt lost, if you've never been found?
And if you could see, see me now
would you feel just a little bit proud?
Cos I keep on at this wall of sweat and tears
I fall, but I won't stay down
I see you every night, I see you here
No I never was lost, I'm waiting to be found.