This Year, Next Year, Sometime . . . ?

by Mirrors

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A collection of new material and home demos.


released January 26, 2012

Written and recorded by Mirrors



all rights reserved


Mirrors UK

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Track Name: Dust
Take it in, breathe it out can you feel it?
A memory, gathering dust
Take a look, just a glance can you see it?
A memory, a memory lost

Sometimes I feel my way
I know I shouldn't keep looking
Sometimes I turn away
I have lost...I don't think I can lose again

So hold me up
and shake me down
I know we're just fooling around
So wake me up and brake me down
Cos this means nothing

Look around this place that I dream of
A place of ours, quiet and strange
I like it here, I think of us often
Of heavy hearts that lead us astray
Track Name: Shooting Stars
If I was drawn, then I was drawn by you
This place of ours, this place we're heading to
I guess I wondered how we come to know
I took the time I tried to leave the thought alone

But we fall, fall like shooting stars
We fall, fall like shooting stars

If I was found then I was found too soon
I let it linger, I let it spread in you
I guess I wondered how we come to side
I took the time I tried to leave the thought behind
Track Name: Blood Diamond (Home Demo)
My, what a feeling
Check your head is still against the wall
Try, try to blend in
Take your medicine begin the fall

You've found a mighty fine rabbit hole
For this widescreen receptacle
I think my mind is playing backwards
I think my mind is not my mind at all

Find, find the meaning
Take your sugar candy on the move
Don't, fight the feeling
Let it wash away your darkest moods
Now tell me whats your views on living
I know you haven't felt this way
Well if it's your star sign it's mine too
I think you really should stay

In through the back door
Back out again
If you'd seen what I saw
You'd do the same

So I'm thinking your skin feels nice to the touch
And I'm wondering where do we go
And i'm telling you this isn't what i was thinking
And those eyes, those eyes would kill me

I'm not selling blood diamonds
You know it's really alright
I'm sure you've never felt better
Oh you're such a delight